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Tizsangan Company is established in1996.This Company exported a great quantity of stones to many different countries in the world. Tizsangan Co. set up the factory in 2005 in order to expand its activities and achieve its main goals. Experience, advanced technology, and powerful management came together to make the company one of the best exporters of the country.
Supply capacity:

*Tumbled stone 3000SQM per month
*Brushed stone 4000sqm tiles per month
*Brushed stone 5000sqm slab per month
*Polish slab stone 5000sqm per month
Tizsangan factory
Tizsangan factory lies in an area of 20.000sqm consisting of 3 roofed halls in 6800 sqm
Advanced Italian machineries in 2 lines of Tile&slab are engaged with the capacity of 800.000 SQM per year. In addition to this, other machineries are being used exclusively to produce special items.
Tizsangan Co. Facilities
Professional background
*Exportation to European countries, Australian, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia
*Implementing a great variety of residential, hotel, administrative and commercial projects in Russia, Azerbaijan and Australia.

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Tizsangan address: Mahmood Abad Industrial City, Km 100 Tehran - Qom Freeway

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